Golf Lessons Santa Barbara

Don Parsons Golf Instruction is the premiere choice for golf lessons in Santa Barbara. We offer, private golf lessons, golf coaching programs and group golf coaching programs. 


Don Parsons has been teaching the best juniors on the central coast for 25 years including over 90 students that have played top tier collegiate golf. He and his staff of creative and engaging instructors are proud to offer the Future Stars Program and Elite Junior Coaching Program. Both provide group and private coaching experiences that will help prepare a variety of skill levels for competitive junior golf in both high school and beyond.

What is The Future Stars Program?

Golf is a game with many different components and can be challenging to tackle without some direction and guidance. The Future Stars Program is geared for junior golfers ages 12-17 that are new to the game or looking to improve their position among their peers on the high school team. By building foundational skill sets and establishing concepts essential to their growth as players, they will experience measurable and verifiable improvement. Additionally, those skill sets will be used regularly on the golf course to best prepare them for competition.  

What is the Elite Junior Coaching Program?

The Elite Junior Coaching Program includes weekly private coaching sessions in addition to the Future Stars Program that allows players to develop faster. Private coaching reinforces the skill sets from the Future Stars program, but also expands concepts and builds essential technique for playing competitive golf. Additionally, players will develop specific practice plans with their coach as well as more effectively prepare for tournaments. This is the ideal program for any junior golfer interested in competing at a high level in high school or college.

Which program is right for my junior golfer?

If your junior golfer has never played or is trying to compete on his or her varsity high school team in the future, The Future Stars Program is the perfect starting point. Their regular participation in golf related activities with their peers makes the Future Stars Program the best learning opportunity available for any player of this skill level.

If your junior golfer has prior competitive experience in local events or already plays on a varsity high school team, the Elite Junior Coaching Program will accelerate their performance level. Effective use of the most advanced technology with the coaches in a private setting will pinpoint the immediate opportunities for improvement to play better golf faster.  

Reference the table below to see how these two exceptional junior golf programs compare and find the best fit for your junior golfer. 

Junior Golf Programming Table.png

join the perfect junior golf program! 


Not sure if you'll like golf? Never played before? No problem! All new attendees are welcome to try the Future Stars program for an introductory week at no charge! We want you to experience first hand how quality coaching can help a junior golfer reach their goals.

Please click here to e-mail staff instructor Preston Combs to reserve your spot if there are openings available in the program. Each session will run on a weekly basis at the posted times. 

The number of participants in the Future Stars Program is limited to 8 individuals and the number of participants in the Elite Junior Coaching Program is limited to 4 individuals. Spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis. 

Class Times

Future Stars Program - Tuesdays from 3:30 to 4:30PM, Fridays from 3:30 to 5PM and Saturdays from 10 to 11AM

Elite Junior Coaching Program - The above times and unlimited private lessons scheduled on a weekly basis. Unlimited is typically 1 weekly private session and the coach may recommend an additional session to specifically prepare for an event or schedule a playing lesson in preparation for an event.


  • Pricing is based on a per semester basis (4 month commitment)
  • Recurring billing will auto charge on each family's provide account or credit card
  • Multiple junior discounts are available 


A minimum 30-day written notice of cancellation is required to cancel any monthly membership. The membership will be valid and can be used until 30 days following the date expressed in the written notice. Please e-mail written notices to The member will receive one final charge at the time of cancellation.