Group Golf Coaching is a new experience for golfers of all skill levels. This fun and dynamic platform will increase your skills so you can start playing better golf now!

  • Golf is more FUN with friends!
  • Golf is more fun when you PLAY BETTER!
  • This is the most AFFORDABLE golf instruction program EVER!
  • We decided to make WORLD CLASS coaching available to everyone!

how does group coaching work?

Our program is similar to a membership at a local health club. Youll get UNLIMITED SESSIONS every month when you join! If you're new, start with our 3 month membership for JUST $129/mo! It's by far the best deal you will ever get and you owe it to yourself to start having more fun playing golf. Even better, you can try out one of our classes for FREE with no obligation!

Thats a low price for UNLIMITED, WORLD CLASS INSTRUCTION from Don Parsons Golf Instruction coaches! Once you've joined, signing up for classes online is easy and can even be done on your cell phone! Check out our extensive list of available classes below! 

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FREE Group Golf Coaching Class
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3 Month Group Coaching Membership ~ Unlimited Classes
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1 Month Group Coaching Membership ~ Unlimited Classes
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