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Don Parsons Golf Instruction is the premiere choice for golf lessons in Santa Barbara. We offer, private golf lessons, golf coaching programs and group golf coaching programs. 

New to DON PARSONS GOLF? This is the place to start!

Our New Student Assessment is a great opportunity to learn how we can help you play better golf!


We start by getting to know you and learning your golfing story. By listening to your story we can better assess your needs, goals, and how to help you with a solution. After we get to know each other, we will complete an ASSESSMENT on the parts of your game where you need help which may include:

  • Full Swing 
    • High speed video to see what your swing looks like
    • FlightScope launch monitor to measure what your club and ball are doing
  • Short Game
    • Hit a variety of shots in our short game area to check your technique
    • Develop an understanding of key concepts to make better decisions around the green
  • Putting
    • High speed video to better understand your posture and set-up
    • Capture your stroke on SAM PuttLab to measure what your putter is doing 

At the end of the assessment, we will sit down with you and discuss the best options for your continued improvement. You'll also receive an invitation to an Edufii profile, an online information portal that will recap your goals and any technique that we discussed. 

Just $149, so join today!

New Student Assessment
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