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Don Parsons Golf Instruction is the premiere choice for golf lessons in Santa Barbara. We offer, private golf lessons, golf coaching programs and group golf coaching programs. 

private COACHING

The ultimate experience for avid golfers to have fun and see marked improvement in their game!

  • The MOST COMPLETE instructional offering in Southern California!
  • You can PLAY BETTER GOLF with a program customized for your game!
  • This is how we get REAL RESULTS for any golfer that is committed to playing their best golf ever! 

where do i start private coaching?

You have probably heard that golf lessons can be boring, aren't helpful, and don't translate to the course. And if the person you heard that from took a single, one hour lesson and expected to improve, they might be right. That's the equivalent of going to the gym once and expecting to lose weight.

The great news is that PRIVATE COACHING is different. All of our Private Coaching sessions include:

  • Time for us to meet you and find out YOUR STORY. Knowing a player's background is essential for establishing...
  • GOALS! Having a plan for short and long term improvement is part of the process for improvement as well as...
  • TECHNOLOGY! Knowing what is happening instead of guessing is a huge benefit to play better golf sooner. We'll use tools like K-Vest 3D Motion Capture, Flightscope 3D Doppler for ball tracking, and High Speed Camera to help players reach their goals. 

With this information, our team will be able to customize one of the below coaching programs that will have you playing the best golf of your life!


Sometimes you'll need a little bit of extra guidance from your instructor, and the Premier Coaching Program takes care of just. In addition to membership in our Group Golf Coaching classes that will develop your on course skills, you will also receive 2 private lessons each month. That time will cover the specific areas of technical improvement as well as:

  • Create an EDUFII PROFILE, an online information portal to keep track of what you learned. It would be to get the answers to your questions and then forget them! 
  • EQUIPMENT CAN IMPROVE PERFORMANCE, so we'll take some time to look at your clubs and make sure they're for you, not against you. 
  • PUTTING INSTRUCTION with Preston Combs, one of our Lead Coaches that specializes in helping people get the ball in the hole for pars and birdies. 


For those looking to make the largest improvements in their golf game, the Elite Coaching Program offers weekly private sessions with any of our WORLD CLASS instructors. In addition to private sessions and an option to attend Group Golf Coaching classes, you will experience the what it is like to have a resource that not only goes beyond the mechanics of the swing, but also helps you UNDERSTAND HOW TO PLAY GOLF. The Elite Coaching Program will include all of the amenities in the Premier Coaching Program and:
  • Weekly private sessions with DON PARSONS (who you should read more about here) or any of our leading instructors (who you should also read more about here).
  • PRACTICE PLANS to best organize your time away from the course
  • Attendance at SPECIAL EVENTS including green reading classes and course strategy classes.

Join a Private Coaching program now and start playing your best golf ever!

Premier Coaching Program
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Elite Coaching Program
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Frequently asked questions & Details

What is the minimum commitment? Can I try it for one month?

The minimum commitment to the Premier and Elite Coaching programs is 3 months. Like going to the gym for only a month, golfers need an extended period of time to actually see visible change and progress.

How is the billing handled? Are all 3 months due up front? 

The full three months is not due up front. All memberships are auto renewing each month on your credit card and will continue to auto renew beyond the 3 month period until you notify us of cancellation.

Please see below regarding cancelling or placing your membership on hold. 

What if I go out of town for an extended trip during a single month? Do I still have to pay the full monthly rate?

No. Memberships can be placed on hold for $50/mo for up to 3 months out of the calendar year. This hold charge ensures that you will receive your current monthly rate when you return. If you choose not to place your membership on hold, your new monthly price will be whatever the published rate is at the time and you will no longer have access to your original pricing structure. 

How do I cancel my membership?

A minimum 30-day written notice of cancellation is required to cancel any monthly membership. The membership will be valid and can be used until 30 days following the date expressed in the written notice. Please e-mail written notices to The member will receive one final charge at the time of cancellation.   

Membership Dues and Fees

All membership dues shall be prepaid on a monthly basis and are nonrefundable and nontransferable, except as otherwise stated in this agreement. By purchasing any Coaching program, whether or not Member uses Don Parsons Golf Instruction classes or programs, Cardholder shall still pay all membership dues. Membership dues are subject to change at Don Parsons Golf Instructions’ discretion without prior notice.