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Don Parsons Golf Instruction is the premiere choice for golf lessons in Santa Barbara. We offer, private golf lessons, golf coaching programs and group golf coaching programs. 

Initial Evaluation

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Golf Swing.jpeg

Initial Evaluation


You have probably heard that golf lessons can be boring, aren't helpful, and don't translate to the course. And if the person you heard that from took a single, one hour lesson and expected to improve, they might be right. That's the equivalent of going to the gym once and expecting to lose weight.

This comprehensive evaluation and goal setting session will allow our team to customize a Coaching Program that will have you playing the best golf of your life. 

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Most golfers fail to improve because they never figure out how good they want to be.

In the full game assessment, we’ll assess your current skills and help you paint a picture of the player you want to become.

We’ll work with you to set achievable goals that will get you on your way.