Annual Group Coaching Membership


Annual Group Coaching Membership

159.00 179.00


What is included? 

This Membership includes a 1 year membership to Group Coaching and starts on the first day you attend class, not the day of purchase. This includes unlimited classes, but we find that people have the most success attending 2-5 sessions per week.   

Why should I do this instead of the Monthly Membership?

Great question. We include some added bonuses for making an annual commitment to our team! This includes 2 private lessons (a $250 value), free club fittings (a $200 value), and a few other surprises throughout the year because, well, we're awesome like that. 

It seems like I'm only paying $159 today. Is that correct?

Yes. When you attend your first session, we'll gather credit card information to set up recurring billing so you don't have to pay for the entire year up front. This is a 12 month membership program billed on a monthly basis and cannot be cancelled during the year.

What am I waiting for?

I'm not sure. Now seems like the perfect time to join our team and start playing better golf! 

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