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Don, about once week I play Ocean Meadows G.C. I usually shoot between 41-45 for 9 holes, which includes 15-17 putts. On November 9th, I shot 39 with 13 putts!!! I had one 3 putt, three 2 putts, four 1 putts and one NO PUTT! Since working with you on my putting I have become a believer, fewer putts certainly can lower your over-all score.
— Ken
My name is Matt and I began working with Don in the spring of 2007. From that point on I have been steadily improving. I saw automatic success from the first lesson. He fixed, what was a unorthodox swing, into a smooth, efficient, repeatable swing. The choice of going to Don as a swing coach has been the most worthwhile thing I have done in golf. He is personable, and his goal is to get the student better; the results of his students prove how good he is.
— Matt
Don Parsons has been instrumental in helping my son elevate his game to the level it is today. Not only does he work on the golf swing, putting, and course management, but he also has given him golf specific exercises and drills to help enhance the things he teaches. On top of that, he has been an adviser to us while going through the college recruiting process. I feel very strongly that if Matthew did not start seeing Don a year and a half ago we would not be in the position we are today; having to choose between several great colleges. He is very good at what he does and has a lot to offer.
— Kristin
I started working with Don Parsons during my freshman year at UC Santa Barbara. Over the past 11 years together we have evolved my golf game from wild and erratic to controlled and dependable; making the leap from barely playing on the college golf team, to winning 21 Professional tournaments and standing on the brink of playing on the PGA Tour. Don is one of the best golf instructors in California and has an amazing ability to improve everyone from the elite golfer to the very beginner. I have seen many other “instructors” on driving ranges across the country that are working with tour pros or Joe the plumber and I haven’t seen anyone with a better way of making it easy for the player to understand and improve. I especially like the way Don uses the video system to breakdown both my bad and good swings, making it easy to see what changes I need to make to compete at the highest level. At the Studio at Twin Lakes, we work on every aspect of the game. In the Studio, on the driving range, or in the short game area, I can cover every aspect of my game. I am excited to get back to Santa Barbara soon to use the newly remodeled indoor 3-d hitting bay, Putting Studio and Fitness center that make up the Studio at Twin Lakes. Thanks to Don I just made it through the 1st stage of Q-School for the 5th time and my game has never felt better.
— Jeff
Don, just wanted to convey how much you’ve helped my game. I know I still have 1 pre-paid lesson, but my index dropped very quickly from 17.5 to 12.4 since working with you. I have been driving the ball the longest ever without trying so much. My iron play has also improved and I look forward to seeing you soon to continue my improvements. Thanks for everything!
— Grant
Don, your approach in your email and Sophia’s game is brilliant! You’re clearly speaking her language. I know this type of organization structure will benefit her greatly. Thank you again!
— Tanya