The Founder’s Club Membership

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This newest membership from Don Parsons Golf opens the door to the golfing experience unlike anything you have seen before. From playing Pebble Beach and Torrey Pines on our indoor full swing simulator to our industry leading putting studio, there is an experience for the enjoyment and improvement of any of our members and their guests.

Our mission is to create an environment that goes beyond that of just playing better golf. While better golf is always a goal, knowing our facility provides camaraderie and friendships means a lot to us as well. Rather than just coming for a lesson and leaving, we want to give our members a place to kick back and enjoy their time and experience here with us. 


Your Founder’s Club Membership Includes

  • 8 hours of time in our TruGolf Simulator

  • A free club fitting for the new Titleist TS Driver and Fairways 

  • Special membership pricing for additional time in the Simulator

  • Participation in monthly tournaments held in the Simulator 

  • Access to exclusive member only events

  • A dozen NEW Titleist ProV1 golf balls with our logo

We think that’s a lot of great stuff to get started!


It’s pretty easy. All you have to do is e-mail us that you want to join, and we’ll add this membership to your account. This introductory offering for your Founder’s Club Membership is just $500 (Retail: $750). After that, you can use your Don Parsons Golf mobile app to schedule your sessions at your convenience.


We want to have you as a part of this great experience. If we didn’t, you wouldn’t have gotten an invitation. It’s time to get started!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to play a round of golf?

1 person can play 18 holes in an hour. If you have 2 people, 2 hours, and so on.

What do sessions cost after I use my 8 hours?

Sessions retail for $75 per hour. As a Founder’s Club Member, your future sessions are only $50. You will also be able to purchase multi-session packages as well.

Will you show me how to use the Simulator?

Yes, on your first visit, one of us will be available to show you in the ins and outs of using this great product.

How accurate is the data?

The ball speed, distances, and results on mishits are very accurate. We’re happy with the overall performance and think you will be as well.