Don Parsons, Owner

Don Parsons, Owner

Since I began playing the game at the age of 15, I have always been interested in optimizing performance through efficiency.

The process involves evaluating one's abilities, identifying the weakest links, and improving them.

It is a model that worked for me as a player and now as an instructor.
I believe that:

  • Every person brings a unique mix of talents and abilities to their golf swing and it is my job to use those ingredients to create the most efficient swing possible.
  • There is no "BEST SWING" for everyone but "EACH PERSON" has a best swing for them.
  • Creating long term sustainable improvement requires that a specific routine be prescribed and followed.
  • To prescribe a routine I need to evaluate: 
  • How efficiently you currently swing the club
  • Your golf fitness level
  • How appropriate your current equipment is for you
  • Your knowledge and understanding of the swing
  • How these parameters interact to create your current swing and what we can do to help you be more efficient
  • Your commitment level to this process
  • The full swing is only one of many tools needed to play the game.
  • The short game and putting cannot be ignored in the quest for great ball striking if you want to be a successful competitive golfer.

I employ the latest technology and measurement techniques to make sure that we are accurately evaluating your golf game.

I will work tirelessly to ensure that the prescription you are given will be based on what is best and most efficient for you, not the latest trend or fad.

Preston Combs, Staff Instructor

Preston Combs, Staff Instructor


Preston is a Class A PGA Member with great experience under some of the most successful instructors in the country. His background specializes in putting and he has studied under David Orr, coach of Justin Rose and Hunter Mahan. He is also certified in AimPoint Green Reading and SAM PuttLab to best identify a player's putting needs.

Players of all skill levels from beginners to professionals will develop and understanding of their game like never before as they prepare to play their best golf ever.




After spending a year working at the Cranfield Golf Academies and learning an instinctive approach to golf, ADAM YOUNG worked his way to director golf instruction at the World renowned Leadbetter Golf Academies. There, he worked with players of all levels, from complete beginner to elite, as well as learning from some of the best technical teachers in the game. 

Adam is also the owner of one of the most popular golf blogs on the internet, where he shares ideas about learning, technique and practice philosophy. Due to the success of the blog, Adam wrote a book (The Practice Manual – The Ultimate Guide for Golfers) which deals with some of the most unique ideas in golf instruction. The book has been an international success, reaching number one in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany and France. 

The book has also been featured by the PGA and on The Golf Channel, and has received widespread acclaim from many of the leading instructors in the World. 

Adam’s teaching philosophy is one which blends improvements in techniques, concepts and skill work. He uses unique approaches to get quick results, while improving skills which last a lifetime.