Golf Channel Academy


Many of you have seen the Golf Academy Sign planted in front of our building at Twin Lakes and are likely wondering what it is all about.

Here’s a description of what it means to be a Lead Coach for the Golf Channel Academy from their website: 

Golf Channel Academy is a network of world-class coaches and teaching facilities dedicated to improving your game.

It is the hands-on coaching extension of the cable network’s instruction programming, offering personalized one-on-one and group coaching that is among the highest quality instruction available anywhere.

With 65 locations (as of October 2015) canvassing 26 states and one Canadian province, Golf Channel Academy is among the most expansive golf instruction networks in North America today.

Its lead and staff coaches number more than 200, and include 18 current members of Golf Magazine’s “Top 100 Teachers” list and 49 members of Golf Digest’s “Best Teachers in Your State” rankings.

The underlying philosophy of Golf Channel Academy is that good coaching takes place over a period of time, not just one lesson.

Golf Channel Academy’s coaches are experts at walking you through the required steps to mastering a skill, and will go the extra mile to make sure that you achieve and surpass your goals.

Each coach will identify what you need to do beyond the day’s lesson to make sure that you not only play better in the short term, but continue on a path of sustained, lasting improvement.

This past week I went to Orlando and spent 2 days at Golf Channel Headquarters with other Head Coaches going through on-air training to help us with presentation skills that will help us all whether we appear on the Golf Channel, on air locally, or even in presenting to groups of golfers while coaching.

It was a great couple of days.  

Follow this link to get a copy of the Golf Channel Academy Magazine with articles and videos to help your game. 

Golf Channel Academy Magazine

And keep an eye on the video tips as I will be showing up here soon...

Golf Channel Academy Videos

In 2016, I look forward to introducing some great new programs in conjunction with the Golf Channel Academy. 

Thank you for reading!

Don Parsons